Advance Academy of Gymnastics & Acrobatics Rules

Illness and Infection control policy


To help limit the spread of sickness, parents are asked to please keep your child at home if they show any symptoms of illness or disease. This includes but is not limited to cough, runny nose, sore throat, high temperature, rash, vomiting, diarrhoea. Please make sure they are symptom free for 48 hours prior to attending their class.

Advance reserves the right to refuse entry to any persons that show signs of illness or Disease.

If a child’s symptoms of ill health become evident after entry to the facility either when entering or during class, for the safety of all they will be taken into the foyer and a parent will be called to collect them.

In the case of a child having signs of illness and the certified Dr deems the condition non-contagious or infectious, a written certificate to validate the condition will be required for the Athlete to attend their class.

In case of a child who has underlying medical conditions, Advance must be informed, and an action plan be available and any pre -existing injuries or special needs this information should be placed onto the registration form at the time of booking.

Our Covid safety plan Advance Management takes Covid desease very seriously and we strive to comply with the with the latest government advice for a safe environment for all. If parents have any concerns regarding symptoms of Covid we expect you to make the informed decision not to allow your child to attend any programs until symptom free and a medical certificate from a medical Practitioner will be required for their return providing proof of a negative test result.




Recreational Gymnastic Rules

  • Children are not allowed onto the gym floor until a coach has instructed them to do so.
  • Only registered gymnasts and coaches allowed on the gym floor area.
  • All clothing to be firm fitting tucked in no zippers or belts and no shoes or socks to be worn.
  • Hair to be tied back and NO jewellery.
  • No gymnast is to attempt a skill without an instructor assisting.
  • Our focus at times is intense. Any gymnasts having unacceptable attitude behavior or language may be asked to leave the gym.
  • As Gymnastics is a sport with associated risks .If your child would love to try any new skill please talk to the head coach of that program.
  • AAGA loves Gymnastics. We ask only that for all to enjoy , please abide by the rules to help keep our gym safe ,happy and a friendly place to have fun, get fit to meet and make heaps of great friends.

Please bring bottled water to each training session to insure gymnasts stay hydrated to perform well.