Accelerated Performance Squads



Our Accelerated performance program    Barnsley location only 

This 3 Star progression system helps develop the gymnast in stages towards our competitive levels.

This is selected class only chosen through end of term grading days or by invitation.
Bronze, Silver, Gold squads gymnasts move through the STAR system stepping into the next level when on completion of our in-house development days.
Parents are encouraged to enquire if they seek to have their child assessed for the program, we will always love to look at those willing to put in a little effort and progress through this system.

BRONZE STAR: This group work on skills developed around the Australian National Levels program and develops the gymnasts’ strengths, flexibility encouraging good discipline control and an understanding on the requirements needed to progress through the Star system.
1.1/4 hrs                                                                                        $250 per 10 week term

SILVER STAR: With a pass mark from grading days gymnasts progress to the next level and develop extra skills towards the next step in the star accredited levels. Discipline is a main strength for this group, encouraging good balanced work ethic to master addition skills. 1. ½ hrs          $275 per term

GOLD STAR: Gymnasts are required to master many attributes in the National scheme to move from this level into the National Levels Competitive system. Requirements include good work ethics, dance elements, attention to detailed choregraphed routines. Strength flexibility and dedication.  
2hour program                                                                            $340  per 10 week term