Junior Development Fun recreational

1 hour program: Advance Club star certificates are given to every joining child.These certificates indicate the progressive gymnastics development.

JUNIOR GYM SQUADS 4- 5 year olds -Assists to develop childrens coordination,balance,proprioceptive, body awareness ,confidence, self esteem and prepares the children to reach goals and milestones.

JUNIOR GYM SQUADS 6 YRS OLD: This age group develop sound fundemental gymnastics skills and body conditioning adding routines in a fun challenging physical enviroment individual challenges throughout their weekly circuits. 

SENIOR GYM SKILLS 7+ - For girls to develop sound gymnastics skills,body awareness,coordination, challenging skills, helping self esteem,confidence,strength all whilst having a huge amount of fun.This program is not a competitive program and is purley a recreational fun class for all ages and abilites. 


COST  $170        PER 10 WEEK TERM 



For 2 hr programs please refer to Hunter Regional foundation levels Non Competitive page