Junior Development


Junior Development programs afternoons from 4pm: 6 students per coach or 10 gymnasts to 2 coaches

This class is a fun class for children to learn and develop sound knowledge of fundamental Gymnastics, lead up skills and progressions from handstands to cartwheels. 
Junior Development provides a child with co-ordination, balance, body and spatial awareness, agility, flexibility and most of all confidence and self esteem. One that we love to dish out... and also suits children who find team sports intimidating and challenging.

Children are placed after warm up into groups of years 4/5 yrs where they enjoy are range of stimulating circuits that keep their bodies moving through out the lesson.Most lessons incorporate a cartwheel lead up station like bunny hops over an object such as a beam or box to help the child's hip rotations for later cartwheels to handstand stations walking their toes up the wall and bunny hops along the mats to improve upper body strength for these most important gymnastics skills.
In Junior development a child finds individual achievement in little things like holding onto a rope, walking a beam, skills on a tramp, and most importantly all my coaches applaud their efforts continually.

Once they are 6 years we place them into our JUNIOR SQUAD programs to increase their potential physical learning,sometimes doing the same circuits but stimulated with more advanced progressions of development of the skill with more repetitions of learning. We try to develop their knowledge of sound skills like cartwheels and handstand to progress this into future skills like round off's and flips. If a child shows a potential to want to further their development we ask they attend our skills clinic at the end of the term. From 7 years children attend the gym skills programs that are age appropriate in division. Refer to our gym skills page.

 All junior development classes are conducted by fully trained accredited coaches and each group has only 6-7 athletes per coach to ensure your child has quality coaching through out their lesson.