Twinkle toes 12 months to 3yrs 


  Hi Hoppers 3 to 4 yrs  


KinderGym classes are designed to develop physical literacy,physical,cognitive,competent, confidence and psychological advantages. KG has a range of activities to develop gross and fine motor skills, music rhythm, success, and challenges.

Come along as we explore a theme from the moon and back. Each week combinations of activities will develop the child through movement music and play. Parent participation is a must and children will move through a circuit of activities to stimulate all their senses and challenge the most determined and creative minds, mastering fine and gross motor skills-body awareness-social skills .



Tots Tumblers teach all things gymnastics, forward rolls-cartwheels and handstands whilst developing physical literacy.Have your child develop their social skills,cognitive skills, confidence and self esteem.A wonderful start for their developing bodies.


Our qualified, nationally-accredited coaches tailor classes to your child’s age and developmental stage to ensure they get the best out of each class.

Twinkle Toes 12mths to 3yrs:
9.30am Monday- Wednesday and Friday

Hi Hoppers 3yrs to 4yrs :         
Monday(9.30 )
Wednesday and Friday 10.30am

Tots Tumblers 4yrs to 5 yrs:     



 OUR Hi Hoppers AND TOTS run ALONG SIDE each other to give parents with 2 children the best of both, whilst they stay with their younger sibling, children 4+ will  attend the Tots Tumbling program with a individual coach,giving peace of mind to attend and enjoy their little one.