Motor Skill Learning is a unique program combining gymnastics related activities whilst incorporating fun activities, games for Body awareness- Balance-Hand and eye-Fine motor- Reaction- Agility- Differentiation. 

Developing Motor Skills involves movement of the muscles in the child’s body, gross motor our MSL is a vital stage of a child’s development.

MSL 2 to 3yrs
Combinations of activities to develop the child through movement music and play. Parent participation is a must and children will move through a circuit of activities to stimulate all their senses and challenge the most determined and creative minds.

MSL  3- 4-years
MSL is a fun filled program designed to make the child think-react-move with their bodies and all at the same time It’s exciting, physically challenging, with agility, thinking games and decision making which in turn makes for action plus.

From here they can transition into our gymnastics programs.

Tots Tumbling 4- 5yrs : A gymnastics-based program that incorporates all apparatus and gymnastics skills including forward rolls-cartwheels and handstands and is a separate component to our development Motor skill programs.

Bookings now being taken, limited participants per group so be early 
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Programs  40mins sessions for $12 


Monday open       10 am to 10.40     2 yrs to 3 yrs      MSL 

                                 10.45 to 11.25     3yrs and above  MSL

                                 11.30 to 12.10       Tots Tumbling  4yr+

Wednesday  waiting lists only   10.30 to 11am      2yrs to 3 yrs

                                                          11.15 to 11.45     3yrs and above

                                                          12 to 12.40         Tots Tumbling


Tots tumbling Mondays 11am and 3pm           4 yrs only  
                        Wednesday waiting lists  please book to place your name on the list











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