KINDER GYM is a PARENT PARTICIPATION PROGRAM   6 athletes per coach ratio. 

CASUAL VISITS AVAILABLE  Discounts only on term paying programs 

ADVANCE ACADEMY originated from our very own unique and specialized Kinder gym programs in 2005. AAG gymnastics center is transformed every week into a kids imaginary playground with tunnels, climbing equipment, trampolines, rings to swing on, beams to crawl upon, ropes for swing and climb, cubby houses to play in and parachutes to hide under. Music and auditory stimulation are a very important part of our program. A theme is displayed for all little kindergymmies to explore each week from the Zoo to the Moon.
We possess exceptional knowledge in brain gym and childhood development, which makes our kindergym program extremely unique.

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Kinder gym   PARENT PARTICIPATION  and   

NON parent participation


Parent Participation

Is a physical development program aimed to enhance gross and fine motor skills for parents with children from 18 mths to 3 .5 yr age group.


Our program provides:

  • Gross Motor

  • Fine Motor

  • Co-Ordination

  • Auditory input

  • Spatial Awareness

  • Sense Awareness

  • Body Awareness

  • Balance

  • Strength and social skills

In addition to this, is the life skills children receive from attending a development program that will not only enhance their skills in life but more importantly fulfil the future skills for the classroom years and beyond.
Occupational Therapists recommend additional stimulation in all areas of gross/ fine motor stimulation, and they recommend sound instructors to enhance their work.



Parents with 2 children one over 3.5yrs or those WITH only 3.5 yrs and older can attend our ADVANCE class conducted within the Kinder-gym program 3 DAYS A WEEK  and on Wednesday and Thursday at nominated times (please refer to timetable).These children go individually with a coach through out the lesson without the parents.. (this of course helps those parents with a younger one 3.5 and below) who then stay with mum for their individual KG lesson.