Girls Gymskills

Gymskills:  7 to 12 years

This program is for gymnasts who progress from our  Development 6's Gymnastics to a skill development program.
This is a great development program for girls and those boys who are interested in having fun and learning proper techniques and refining gymnastics skills.

Gymskills is a program to focus gymnast girls towards competitive regional levels gymnastics and boys towards technique of skills. All gymnasts will develop sound gymnastics skills from handstands, cartwheels-round offs and PRE level gymnastics requirements.

Each week the gymnast will have experienced coaches who will take them through a range of development skills. These coaches will assess gymnasts on performance throughout the term.

Grading day is attended every term.

Gymnasts are then able to move towards competitive gymnastics once a grading score is passed and their score sheet assessed by the NDP Coaches. Although there is no boy grading day boys usually they  will forward on to our tumbling classes on Friday afternoons at 4.30.

For those who do not wish to continue into competitive gymnastics will be placed in talent squads to continue learning skills from aerials, walkovers, limbas and dominant movement patterns for all gymnastics areas.

All apparatus are included in each rotation BARS, BEAM, FLOOR and VAULT.

All Gym skills are required to wear their supplied training leotard. Please wear your shirt to and from the Academy.